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Azusa "Froza" Jacket
Part# 'AZ 1531CO'
Azusa "Forza" Jacket
Adult Medium
Size Chart 1 Left
List $155.00
Closeout $115.00

Azusa Classic Jacket
Part# 'AZ 1680CO'
Azusa Classic Jacket
Child 14 - Nylon 420
Size Chart 1 Left
List $90.75
Closeout $72.00

White Pods, 17.5"
White Pods, 17-1/2" long
1 Pair
Closeout $30.00

Top Kart Kid Kart Spindles
Top Kart Spindles
Fits Kid Kart
List $149.00 each
PAIR $199.00

Red 6" Stick-on Number
Red 6" Stick-on Number
Pack of 10 of the same #

Sell Pack $5.00

Tecumseh Star Cam
Part# 'D 400 Star'
Dyno Cams #400 Cam
Fits Tecumseh Star
1 Available
Sell $98.00

Tillotson Gasket Set, Single stack
Part# 'P13-DG'
Tillotson Gasket Set
Replaces #DG5HL
Aftermarket - 1 LEFT
List $7.72
Closeout $5.00

Tillotson Rebuild Kit, Single stack
Part# 'P11-RK'
Tillotson Rebuild Kit
Replaces #RK117HL
Aftermarket - 4 LEFT
List $16.77
Closeout $10.00

Clone Valve Spring, "TRICK" Pair
Part# 'CL-2525'
Trick Valve Spring
Fits Clone
Sell PAIR $10.00
Closeout $7.00

Burris Raptor 2 Piston & Rings
Part# 'BMC 25816-CO'
Burris Piston & Rings Assy.
Includes Rings
+.016" Over
List $36.00
Sell $20.00

Aluminum 48T #520 Sprocket
Part# 'T5316-48-CO'
48T Sprocket for #520 Chain
Aluminum 1PC
Fits Std. Kart Sprocket Hub
Sell $45.00

Briggs Raptor 1 or 2 +.030" Ring Set
Part# '555091-CO'
Briggs +.030" Ring Set
Fits Briggs Raptor 1 or 2
1 set in stock
List $24.50
Sell $17.00

Briggs +.020" Top Ring Only
Part# '555010-CO'
Briggs +.020" Top Ring
Fits Raptor 1 Piston
7PC in stock
List $7.05
Sell $5.00 Each

Burris Raptor 2 Rings

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HPV Exhaust

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Tomar 219 Sprockets

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