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Flywheel Keys

Offset Flywheel Key
Offset Flywheel Key
#2 through #10 available.
List $3.00
Sell Each $2.50

Offset Flywheel Key Kit
Part# 'RR OKK2-10'
Offset Flywheel Key Kit
Includes #2 through #10
List $22.95
Sell $14.95

Briggs OEM Flywheel Key
Part# '555054'
Flywheel Key.
same as #222698S
Sell Each $1.95
Sell 10PC $14.60

Flywheel Screens (Finger Guards)

Briggs OEM Finger Guard
Part# '555255'
Briggs Finger Guard

List $7.00
Sell $6.30

Aluminum Flywheel Screen - Animal
Part# 'KM 612'
Aluminum Screen
Fits Animal / Clone
List $3.95
Sell $3.56

Screw - Finger Guard
Part# '555211'
Screw - Finger Guard
same as #692849
Fits Raptor Engine
List $1.90
Sell $1.77

Screw - Hex Washer Head
Part# '557107'
Screw, Metric
Rewind Guard
Fits Animal & World
List $1.80
Sell $1.68

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